Tapestry Pincushion


The Ultimate! This is a revised version of my Grandmother’s pincushion. With 16 steel bobbins of thread, a large area for pins & needles AND a pocket located under the bow that holds a seam ripper. That little pocket is big enough to add your favourite thimble. Add some safety pins to the back. Pop it in a ziplock and take it along when you travel!

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This cushion comes with instructions on how to remove the empty bobbins and to put them back once you have used your sewing machine to refill the bobbins.

All of the material is vintage, but has been never used. The back is heavy drapery material; the front is thick brocade. I am including the needles in the photograph, as well as the seam ripper tucked inside, so you are ready to go!

Cushion Size – 6.5 around x 2.5 high in inches

Additional information

Weight .260 kg
Dimensions 19.05 × 11.43 × 9.43 cm