Set of 2 Black & Pewter Victorian Cuffs


These lovelies make a statement! Conservative enough to wear to work – dressy enough for an evening out – original enough for steampunk or goth or belly dance. They would look amazing paired with a long sleeved dress or blouse.

I would consider them size large. And if the price seems a bit steep; on each cuff I have crochet 4 layers of ruffles using cotton sewing thread! I will not be making these again! They are truly one of a kind! They are solid black and the pewter beads are bright – I have had to burn the exposure a bit in the photos to ensure that you can see the ruffles.

I love to design pieces that are beautiful, organic and comfortable to wear – to create durable, wearable art. I must have been an engineer in a previous life. How I put a design together is as important as the design itself. I pay careful attention to functional wear-and-tear.

In stock

100% Crochet Cotton
100% Cotton Thread
Satin Ribbon
Glazed Glass Beads

NOTE: There are no plastic, metal parts or glue used in the creation of these bracelets.

Circumference: 7.5 inches
Width of full cuff: 1.75 inches
Width of Bead Work: almost .75 of an inch
Width of Large Lace Trim: 1 inch
Width of Small Lace Trim: just over .25 of an inch

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 18.42 × 16.51 × 2.54 cm