Lacey Crochet Heart Pendant


A LACEY LITTLE HEART FULL OF GLASS BEADS that look like they will spill out at any moment – but they will not! The bow is made with raw edged pure silk ribbon. Designed with slip knots; the necklace can be adjusted – making it a very versatile accessory. The photograph with the blouse shows the necklace adjusted to 18 inches.

Cream cotton thread with the lovely weight of the beads makes this piece a pleasure to wear and to touch.

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NOTE: There are no plastic, metal parts or glue in this piece.

Cotton Crochet Thread
Glass Beads
Raw Edged Silk Ribbon

Adjustable Circumference of Necklace – 18 to 35 inches
Heart at Widest Portions: 2.25 inches wide by 2 inches high

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 13.97 × 19.05 × 2.54 cm