A Very Tiny Heart Pendant in Cream Lace & Filled with Glass Beads


A LACEY LITTLE HEART FULL OF GLASS BEADS that look like they will spill out at any moment – but they will not! Cream mercerized cotton thread with the lovely weight of the beads makes this piece a pleasure to wear and to touch. I have designed this delicate little pendant with slip knots so that the necklace can be adjusted – making it a very versatile accessory.

I love to design pieces that are beautiful, organic and comfortable to wear – to create durable, wearable art. I must have been an engineer in a previous life. How I put a design together is as important as the design itself. I pay careful attention to functional wear-and-tear.


Cotton Crochet Thread
Glass Beads

NOTE: There are no plastic, metal parts or glue in this piece.
NOTE: The top edge of the display stand - indicating the neck - is 13.75 inches

Adjustable Circumference of Necklace – 18 to 36 inches
Heart at Widest Portions not including Bail: almost .75 of an inch wide by just over .5 of an inch high

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 13.97 × 19.05 × 2.54 cm

Filled with Copper Glazed Glass Beads, Filled with Red Glass Beads, Filled with White Luster Finished Glass Beads, Filled with Lavender Glass Beads, Filled with Bright Pink Glass Beads, Filled with Pale Blue Glass Beads, Filled with Medium Green Glass Beads, Filled with Moss Green Glass Beads