A Mint Green Statement!


DRESS IT UP – DRESS IT DOWN IN CREAMY MINT! Perfect for spring and summer season! The beaded closure will look beautiful on an exposed neck! I can never recreate these little pieces of art – each one comes out differently – even when I use the same colors!

Soft creamy cotton thread with the lovely weight of glass beads makes this piece a pleasure to wear and to touch. Show off your tan!

I love to design pieces that are beautiful, organic and comfortable to wear – to create durable, wearable art. How I put a design together is as important as the design itself. I pay careful attention to functional wear-and-tear. All of the beads are strung onto the thread and then crochet with great attention to creating a strong and durable piece.

In stock

Cotton Crochet Thread
Glass Beads

NOTE: There are no plastic, metal parts or glue in this piece.

Full Length of Open Piece – 16.5 inches
Circumference of Necklace Closed – 15.5 inches
Length of Closed Back Focal Area: 5.75 inches
Depth of Draped Portion – 1 inch

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 13.97 × 19.05 × 2.54 cm